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Window Box Services Perfect For Your Property

Get your outside space turned into a glorious and refreshing panorama of colours. Choose the sort of window box services you fancy for your property:

  • Exterior planting: ideal for any size of outside space, we’ve worked in very small areas. And had our exterior planting services used across entire grounds.
  • Planters: usually floor-based, planters can hold almost any sort of flora you have in mind. Talk to our garden designers about the effect you want to create.
  • Bespoke window boxes: the perfect accessory for big city apartments where space is at a premium, we design and install the bespoke box solution for your home.
  • Window box irrigation: you’ll never need to water your boxes again with the latest irrigation systems installed.
  • Decking planters: decking planter boxes are made from hardwood or softwood specifically designed to your requirements. Get floor planters purposefully designed for yours.

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